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Chalcopsitta sintillata sintillata

Common Name: Yellow-streaked Lory

Range: S New Guinea (Triton Bay to lower Fly River)

Chalcopsitta sintillata sintillata
  • dark green; forehead, lores, thighs and under wing-coverts red; crown, ear-coverts and cheeks black; head, nape and breast with green streaking becoming yellow on abdomen and lower back; yellow band to underside of wings; inner webs of tail-feathers red on underside; tips olive-yellow; periophthalmic ring grey; iris yellow to orange; feet grey; bill black
  • Female as male, but usually with less red feathers to forehead
  • Immatures either without or with little red to forehead; periophthalmic ring whitish
  • Length: 31 cm
Yellow Streaked Lory
  • Distribution: southern New Guinea from lower Fly River, Papua New Guinea west to Triton and Geelvink Bays, West Irian