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Charmosyna diadema

Common Name: New Caledonian Lorikeet

Range: Formerly New Caledonia. Extinct; last reported 1860

Charmosyna diadema
  • Description: male plumage undescribed.
    Female green; forehead, lores, breast and abdomen pale green; cheeks and throat yellowish, crown violet-blue; vent feathers red; under wing-coverts green, thigh with violet-blue tinge, tail upperside green, base of underside of outer tail feathers red and black, remainder olive-yellow yellowish tips; skin to narrow periophthalmic ring brownish iris probably orange-brown feet orange; bill orange-red.
  • Immatures undescribed.
  • Length: 18 cm
  • Status: extinct
  • Note: New Caledonian Lorikeet is only known from two museum specimens (both female) collected before 1860; although type specimen is in the Museum National d'Historie Naturelle, Paris, the other appears to have been lost; suggested in publication in 1913 (species still existed in forests near Oubatche, northern New Caledonia, but even then it was mere speculation.
  • Distribution: New Caledonia
  • Habitat: forests