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Charmosyna josefinae josefinae

Common Name: Josephine's Lorikeet

Range: Mountains from Vogelkop Renisula Eatt to Snow Mountain, Irian Jaya, Indonesia and Western Papua and New Guinea

Charmosyna josefinae josefinae
  • red; nape and crown black streaked with pale blue-violet; upper back and wings dark green; lower back blue; thighs and lower abdomen area black; upperside of middle tail-feathers red with yellow tips; lateral tail-feathers washed with green on outer webs; tail underside yellow; narrow periophthalmic ring grey; iris orange; feet orange-flesh color; bill orange-red. Female as male, but with yellow patch (not green or greenish-yellow as described by some authors) on both sides of lower back.
  • Immatures with lower abdomen washed greenish; thighs bluish-black; tail-feathers shorter and pointed; yellow under-wing stripe; yellow side-patches of female often only appears at 5 to 6 months; bill light brownish; iris brownish; feet greyish-brown.
  • Length: 24 cm
  • mountains from Vogelkop Peninsula east to Snow Mountains, Irian Jaya, Indonesia and western Papua New Guinea.