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Charmosyna papou papou

Common Name: Papuan Lorikeet

Range: Mountains of Vogelkop Peninsula, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Charmosyna papou papou
  • Description: general plumage red; back and wings dark green; black patch to back of head streaked with blue at front edge; narrow black band across back of neck; lower back and upper tail-coverts with blue patch; abdomen and thighs blackish; small yellow patches to sides of breast and larger ones to lower flanks; tips of primaries slightly elongated; upperside of tail green, underside greenish-yellow; two middle tail-feathers very elongated and with yellow to orange tips; tail length 200 - 252 mm (8 - 10 ins); narrow periophthalmic ring pale grey; iris orange; feet orange-flesh color; bill orange to orange-red.
  • Female as male, but yellow patches to sides of flanks often not so extensive; reddish tinge in this area cited in some recent literature is not indicative.
  • Immatures with generally duller plumage; breast and nape feathers interspersed with black and abdomen with bluish-green; undersides of secondaries with variable yellow band; tips of primaries not elongated and middle tail-feathers not so markedly longer; bill, iris and feet brownish.
  • Length: 42 cm; wing length 130 - 145 mm
  • Distribution: mountains of Vogelkop Peninsular, Irian Jaya, Indonesia.