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Charmosyna placentis placentis
Female Red-flanked

Common Name: Red-flanked Lorikeet

Range: South Moluccas, Aru Islands and South New Guinea

Charmosyna placentis placentis
Red-flanked Lorikeet
  • generally green; forehead and front of crown yellow with greenish tinge; lores, Checks, chin, under wing-coverts and sides of breast red; ear-coverts violet-blue streaked brighter; rump feathers pale violet-blue; tail upperside green with orange-yellow tips, underside yellow; base of outer tail-feathers red and blackish yellow; band to underside of flight feathers yellow; skin to narrow periophthalmic ring dark grey, iris orange; feet orange-brownish; bill coral red.
  • Female as male, but without red to cheeks, chin, flanks and under wing-coverts; forehead and crown green; ear-coverts bluish-black with yellow streaking.
  • Immature males as female, but ear-coverts blue with yellow tips; both sexes with red feathers on lores males identifiable by green-yellowish forehead iris pale yellow; bill blackish-brown; feet orange-brown.
  • Length: 17 cm
Red-flanked Lorikeet
  • Distribution: Ceram, Pandjang, Ambelau; Kai and Aru Islands; southern New Guinea east to upper reaches of Purari River, Papua-New Guinea; formerly also on Ambon.