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Charmosyna toxopei

Common Name: Blue-fronted Lorikeet

Range: Buru (s Moluccas)

Charmosyna toxopei
  •  general plumage green; chin and throat yellowish; breast, abdomen and greater under wing-coverts as well as under tail-coverts yellowish-green; front of crown blue; underside of flight feathers with yellow stripe; upperside of tail green with narrow dull yellow tips, underside olive-yellow with orange-red base to inner webs and adjoining blackish area; narrow periophthalmic ring grey; iris orange-yellow; feet orange; bill orange-red.
  • Female as male, but with less blue to front of crown and more distinctive stripe to under tail-coverts.
  • Length: 16 cm
  • Status: unknown; almost certainly very rare; published reports of sightings in 1980, which purport species to be fairly common, are undoubtedly false.
  • Distribution: Buru Island, Indonesia
  • Habitat: probably forest located higher up in mountainous interior of island. 
  • all that is known is that the Dutch naturalist Lambertus Johannes Toxopeus was brought seven birds during his stay on Buru, which had been caught with "bird lime", but they died a week later.
  • Breeding behavior: unknown; egg measurements unknown.
Social Behavior
  • virtually unknown; flight straight, but not swift; tail-feathers so spread during flight that orange-red base is discernible; call described as shrill ti...ti...ti...ti...ti-ti-ti.

  • Natural diet: nectar and Pollen.