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Eos histrio challengeri

Common Name: Challenger's Lory

Range: Miangas I. (n Talaud Is., off se Mindanao). Possibly extinct

Eos histrio challengeri
  • as histrio, but band to breast narrower and variably marked with red; blue band to eye does not extend to nape; smaller
  • Length: 28 cm, wing length 150-156mm
  • Status: very endangered; probably already extinct on some islands
  • Nenusa Islands
  • Habitat coastal area with trees; montane forest in islands interiors to 1500m
Social Behavior
  • in flocks outside breeding season; in contrast to other Eos species avoids coconut plantations and has withdrawn into the mountains in the interior; occasionally large flocks fly between islands to roost; flight swift and direct
  • Aviculture: noisy; occasionally easily alarmed and shy; can still become confiding; acclimatize at room temperature; later unsusceptible and relatively undemanding
  • Breeding behavior: virtually unknown; clutch consists of 1 to 2 eggs
  • Breeding in Aviculture: only successful once; no further details avaliable
  • aviary 3x1x2m; minimum temperature of 10 degrees C; outside flight possible during fine weather; provide roosting box 23x23x70cm from outset

  • Lory nectar of fruit, pollen, brewer;s yeast, rice flakes, multi-grain flakes, dextrose and low-fat yoghurt; honey may be added regularly to nectar and biscuit or rusk softened in it; various fruits; oats, canary grass seed and millet as well as small quantities of sprouted sunflower
  • Natural diet: pollen, nectar, fruits and insects