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Eos squamata squamata
Violet-necked Lory

Common Name: Violet-necked Lory

Range: West Papuan Islands and Scildpad Islands

Eos squamata squamata
  • general plumage red; coloration variable; broad violet-blue band to nape, sometimes virtually absent in some individuals; abdomen and under tail-covers purple; shoulder feathers purple with black tips; greater wing-coverts and flight feathers likewise with black tips; tail oppressed purple-red, underside brownish-red; skin to narrow periophthalmic ring dark grey; iris yellow to orange-red; feet grey; bill orange-red
  • Female as male
  • Immatures with red feathers washed with blue; wing-coverts greenish; bill and iris dark
  • Length: 27 cm
Violet-necked Lory
  • Distribution: Schildpad Islands as well as Gebe, Waigeu, Batanta and Misool in West Papua