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Lorius garrulus garrulus

Common Name: Chattering Lory

Range: N Moluccas (Halmahera, Widi and Ternate)

Lorius garrulus garrulus
  • red; shoulder darker red; very variable yellow patch to mantle in many birds, often only just discernible; thighs and wings green; bend of wing and under wing-coverts yellow; broad rose-red band across underside of flight feathers; tail feathers red with green tips; cere grey; periophthalmic ring grey; iris yellowish-brown to orange-red; feet grey, bill orange-red.
  • Female as male.
  • Immatures with dark bill; iris dark; adult plumage attained at 6 months.
  • Length: 30 cm
  • islands of Halmahera and Weda.