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Neopsittacus musschenbroekii musschenbroekii

Common Name: Yellow-billed Lorikeet

Range: Vogelkop Mountains (West New Guinea)

Neopsittacus musschenbroekii musschenbroekii
  • general plumage green; crown and nape olive-brown with dull yellow streaks; lores greenish-black; cheeks streaked with pale green; throat, breast, abdomen, under wing-coverts and broad band across underside of flight feathers red; upper side of tail-feathers green with yellow tip, base of outer tail-feathers red, underside orange-yellow; dark-grey skin to narrow periophthalmic ring; iris orange-red; feet grey; bill pale yellow.
  • Female as male.
  • Immatures with duller plumage; red on breast and abdomen interspersed with green; iris brownish-yellow to orange.
  • Length: 23 cm; wing 100 - 113 mm
  • Vogelkop Peninsula, West Irian.