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Psitteuteles iris iris

Common Name: Iris Lorikeet

Range: W Timor (e Lesser Sundas)

Psitteuteles iris iris
  • general plumage green; forehead, fore-crown and stripe over eye orange-red; narrow stripe becomes reddish-violet in many birds and extends over ear-coverts; back of crown greyish-blue, in many birds interspersed with green; yellow band to nape; breast and abdomen feathers, under-wing and under-tail feathers greenish-yellow; breast feathers with green edging; tail upperside green, underside olive-yellow; narrow periophthalmic ring dark grey; bill orange-red with yellowish tips.
  • Female as male, but fore-crown interspersed with green; cheeks on average more yellowish-green.
  • Immatures as female, but with duller plumage and only narrow red band to forehead; base of bill dark; iris brown.
  • Length: 20 cm, wing length 112 - 120 mm
  • western part of Timor, Indonesia.