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Welcome to the new Exclusively Lories website. Our purpose is the conservation of Lories and Lorikeets around the world. We hope, as this site continues to grow, it will be the information resource that you have been looking for. So come and help us save these beautiful and unique parrots from disappearing from Aviculture and the wild.
About Us
A Letter from Robert Skrable

Who We Are


The mission of B and B Aviaries Survival Center is to ensure the sustainability of Lories and Lorikeets in the wild and captivity.


  • To develop a comprehensive education and awareness program on the issues effecting Island populations of Lories and Lorikeets.
  • To develop husbandry guidelines and an overall population management plan.
  • To educate the public and aviculturists on the conservation issues facing Lories and Lorikeets.
  • To promote a global conservation effort to sustain the species.
  • To develop an animal care manual for this group.

Many Thanks To...

The Hatmans

We'd like to express our great appreciation for Sam and Jeff Hatman having the forethought in creating and maintaining the Exclusively Lories website for almost twenty years. The Exclusively Lories website has enabled people to look up in format pertaining to lories and to keep in contact with the buying and selling of lories. Thank you for allowing the site to continue to be used in the conservation of Lories and Lorikeets.


Elise Staten

This site is dedicated to the memory of Elise Staten. Elise was a committed Lory Breeder who shared our concern for the Lories' future. Not only was she a caring person, she was extremely knowledgeable and willing to share her expertise with others. We owe Elise a great deal for our Lory education and especially her friendship. Her passion for Lories lives on.

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A Guide to Lories and Lorikeets Peter Odekerken ISBN# 978-0958745598
Loris: Freileben, Haltung und Zucht der Pinselzungenpapageien Gebundene Ausgabe Von Theo Pagel ISBN# 978-3800173525
Guide to Owning Lories & Lorikeets William Wentworth Jr. ISBN# 978-0793820054
Lories & Lorikeets: The Brush-Tongued Parrots and Their Care in Aviculture Alison Ruggles ISBN# 978-0713722680
Lories & Lorikeets in Aviculture John Vanderhoof ASIN: B002JPD4U2
Lories Michael W. Gos ISBN# 978-0866228480
 The Lory Owner's Survival Guide  Margrethe Warden ISBN# 978-0974797113
The Lexicon of Parrots, Volume 1 Thomas Arndt ISBN# 9783980529112


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