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Trichoglossus haematodus haematodus

Common Name: Green Naped Lorikeet

Range: S Moluccas, w Papuan islands and w New Guinea

Trichoglossus haematodus haematodus
  • generally green; forehead, forward crown and cheek areas, lores and chin blue becoming brownish-black on back of head, upper breast and rear cheek area; band to nape yellowish-green; breast red, each feather with bluish-black edging ( about 2 cm wide); abdomen dark green; thighs, vent feathers and under tail-coverts yellowish-green with dark green edging; under wing-coverts orange; underside of flight feathers with broad yellow band; tail underside olive yellow; skin to narrow periophthalmic ring grey; iris reddish-brown; feet grey; bill orange-red.
  • Female as male.
  • Immatures with duller plumage; bill brownish-black; iris dark.
  • Length: 26 cm, wing length 135 - 150 mm
  • Buru, Amboina, Ceram, Ceramlaut, Goram Islands, Watubela, many islands in Geelvink Bay (not on Biak) and western New Guinea from Humboldt Bay to upper Fly River.